About QikQik

The need to increase access to financial services and drive inclusion, inspired QikQik, a Nigerian-grown world class mobile payment ecosystem

QikQik harnesses the potentials of the market for financial products and services among the vastly under-banked and unbanked populations in viable and profitable ways - providing them with access to diverse financial services that meet local needs and priorities. These services include the ability to transfers money, receive money, save money, pay bills, buy airtime etc.

With mobility playing a dominant role in the way people live and do business globally, the mobile phone has moved beyond a mere device for voice and data communications to become one of the most valuable social tools. It is obvious that the penetration of mobile telephony has outpaced bank accounts in developing countries. Nigeria is not an exception.

Nigeria has proven a huge market for the adoption of mobile telecommunications. With almost 80 million mobile phone users and only 22 million bank accounts in Nigeria (as well as 242 million mobile phone users in Africa), the demand for access to financial services presents a strong opportunity to combine mobile devices with simple but powerful financial services.