Our Services

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Issuing and Account Management

Issue and manage various accounts regardless of issued payment tokens such as virtual accounts, cards, pre-paid, loyalty, mobile, and biometrics. 

Mobile /Internet Banking and Remittances

We enable banked and unbanked customers to be reached with a broad range of transactional products. 

Multi-Channel Acquiring

We support standalone POS or Integrated POS for multi-lane retailers, forecourts, ATMs, cash recycling, mobile, and secure web payment pages. Merchant management, reconciliation, settlement, and reporting are also supported.

Payments Engine

We can also help switch, clear, and settle various payment instructions using open, interoperable messaging and security standards, including CPSP and PSP configurations support.

Interbank Clearing and Settlement

We support Automated Clearing House (ACH) solutions; for various payment streams (Card, debit orders, payments, etc.), including cross MNO redemption and voucher settlement.

Billing Engine

Top-notch solutions specially designed and implemented for B2B payments.

Loyalty and CRM

QikQik also handles campaign management and the processing of awards and redemptions.

Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD)

Provision of airtime, electricity, mobile wallet, pre-paid fuel, pre-paid salaries & wages, etc