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Mobile Has Become A Mass Channel. Customers & Potential Customers Are Mobile. Mobility Is Beyond Devices – It Is Now The Way We Live! 

Money has gone mobile, and the race is on to control the flow of bits and cash across a billion smartphones and at millions of online and physical locations. 


Globally, markets demand high levels of all-around innovations to scale solutions. Businesses, governments, and institutions are coming together to solve problems.  

Collaboration is the name of the game, and it is essential in fulfilling the demands of today’s sophisticated customers. 

Collaboration helps us work smarter – together with others - to achieve connection, innovation, and optimization, and create a stronger, more participatory culture that fosters quick thinking and new ideas.


About a decade ago, there was a report from The Harvard Business Review that “although the US economy is nine times the size of Africa, Africa has twice as many mobile phones.”

That report was titled: “Africa’s True Mobile Revolution is yet to start.”

Since then, Africa has become one of the dominant mobile markets.

Mobile technology has been the most important technology since the printing press. With a mobile-driven economy, we can save costs associated with printing cash.

The use of the mobile phone is a significant step in the evolution of the payments industry. It represents another growth opportunity for existing players and new entrants.’

Gone are the days when mobile phones were mainly communication tools. Today, smartphones are equipped to make life easier in many ways.

Money is no longer what it used to be in a digitalized world where data is everything, and payment solutions are mobile. Africa’s young and growing population is a great advantage.

It’s time to open up further the concept of money in the deepest parts of Africa. When money is open, it will change how we send, spend and receive money.


“Whoever ends up controlling interests in this new digital ecosystem will
reap billions in transaction fees, collect massive amounts of consumer data and control the type of targeted advertising that makes marketers drool.” Steven Bertoni

We are creating these systems so that Africans can reap the rewards of this new digital ecosystem.

What does a digitalized Africa mean?
An Africa with digital solutions to problems. An Africa with solutions on the tips of our fingers.
Our solutions are purposefully designed to meet people’s needs.

Our work is focused on creating digital solutions for Africans. This is central to what we do and who we are. It is why we are ever so open to mutually benefitting partnerships.

A digitalized Africa is a connected Africa where we share our uniqueness. A digitalized Africa is a colorful Africa. Colors so bright, unborn generations will marvel at its effects.

We are creating software solutions for a digitalized Africa, one city at a time.