About Us



At Eartholeum, we breathe innovation with an unending zeal to consistently build upon the status quo. We have sought to push boundaries consistently and seek new frontiers in all facets of life.To this end, we constantly develop new and relevant systems, solutions, and products.

Our goal is to redefine Africa’s increasingly mobile lifestyle. The world is evolving, and financial inclusion is important for everyone. We address the challenge of lack of access to financial services.


“Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow." - William Pollard.

A critical aspect of our business is focused on R&D; it is how our business is designed. We recognize our role as the thinking part of society, and we take it upon ourselves to bring up innovative ways to solve old problems. 

We consistently serve all kinds of customer segments due to the highest standards. Our diversity is born from the need always to do more. 

It is in the ethos of our company, and it is central to everything we do. 

Mobile money is the future of global trade. There is an ongoing global change, and life is fast changing. We create solutions that help you make sense of the emerging technologies. 

Furthermore, we create solutions that position Africa in a powerful position in global trade. 

We are building on current growth from an Arithmetic Progression to Geometric Progression. 

Over the past decade, Africa’s real GDP grew by 4.7% a year, on average—twice its growth in the 1980s and 1990s.

Globally, the emergence of new technology has immensely helped the growth of mobile money. With the creation of things like bitcoin and the vast potential of the metaverse, Africa’s vast population is well-positioned. 

With its population base that inches towards the one billion mark, Africa currently represents the next frontier for significant returns on new investment. 

With more than 200 million citizens, Nigeria can position itself as the crown jewel of this emerging market. Our work is henched on this challenge, and we focus on providing Nigerians with the best possible mobile money services. 

Our understanding of the Nigerian market puts us in a great position to build sustainable solutions. 

Africa is rich, and the key to unlocking the continent’s wealth is digitalizing Africa.